At KRISTIINA TAYLOR we are dedicated to small batch production and conservative growth. Supplies are purchased and construction begins once an order is placed by the customer. This helps to promote slow consumption and purchasing habits. In order to keep costs low and waste at a minimum, each leather hide and yard of fabric is space-planned for maximum usage. Embracing the concept of wabi-sabi, beauty is found within every hide’s imperfections. Therefore we ask that you please expect inconsistencies and blemishes knowing that it makes your handbag unique.

From each sale, a portion of proceeds are donated to Christian ministries that serve people and spread the Gospel and environmental charities that offset damage done to our planet. These include but are not limited to Surfing the Nations, Hope Chapel Huntington Beach, CrossExamined.org, Harvest Crusade, GotQuestions.org, Moorea Coral Gardeners, One Tree Planted, and Oceana. As a KRISTIINA TAYLOR customer, I hope that you understand these decisions and that you carry your bag with pride knowing it has helped someone in need.